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Third Party Audit


Rely on MAST for meticulous third-party audits, ensuring compliance, security, and stakeholder confidence through thorough assessments.

Benefits to Clients

Third Party Audit

Our Third-Party Audit services empower your organization to demonstrate its commitment to excellence. With an objective lens, we scrutinize processes, operations, and compliance measures to provide a comprehensive evaluation.

In a world that demands transparency and trust, our audits stand as a testament to your commitment to best practices. Trust us to bring an unbiased perspective, helping you identify strengths and areas for refinement. With our Third-Party Audit services, you pave the way for informed decision-making, operational enhancement, and a solid foundation for future growth. Partner with us to embrace assurance that redefines your organization’s credibility and sets you on the path to sustained success.

Third Party Assurance

Many organizations have long relied on third parties to offer products and services that allow their operations to run smoothly. With the increase in cloud services and the growing number of cloud-based products and services available to businesses, third-party reliance is only expected to increase in the future.

MCG assists organizations by doing independent audits of control procedures to determine whether existing controls/processes fulfill management objectives as well as national and international standards. This enables enterprises to carry on with their operations with confidence and dependability.

Our domain expert auditors assist with a unique approach based on your industry and business objectives, assuring that auditing activities are conducted in accordance with national and international standards (ISO 27K, ISO 20K, UAE-IA, ADICS and more).

MCG’s Third-Party Assurance services add value with –

  • Pre-Audit Analysis
  • TPA readiness and optimization
  • Audit Reports

Compliance Check

MCG works with organizations with intelligent risk solution to manage their Third-Party Compliance Check. MCG’s philosophy for Enterprise Risk Management and GRC program excellence is based on the premise that organizations capabilities across the four pillars of organizational excellence are vital to be globally competitive. ​

Key benefits:

  • Consistent, relatable, reliable execution
  • Compliance to standards (ISO, NESA, SAMA, ADHICS, etc.) where applicable) ​
  • Resource optimization ​
  • Protection against liability and detection / prevention of risk ​
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness

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Supplier Verification

Our professionals at MCG assist firms in supplier verification, which is like third-party assurance. By carrying out audits and verification checks on security postures aligned with national and international standards.

This allows organizations to continue doing business with their suppliers with confidence.

This technique assists or anizations in ensuring security checks at their end.

Some public sector, semi public, and large organiz tions may have their own security framework mechanisms in place to conduct supplier verification. ​

MCG has extensive experience executing supplier verification efforts with its core ERAM consulting knowledge.

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