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MAS Tech Consulting

A robust cyber security stance demands a meticulously tailored strategy. Our extensive domain knowledge empowers clients with security strategies aligned to business risks. We redefine cyber defense. Our Cyber Strategy emerges from a holistic blend of Business Risk, Accredited Process, and People (BAP) study, ensuring your digital landscape is fortified.

Explore how our strategic approach can safeguard your business against evolving threats, enhancing operational continuity and customer trust.

MAS Tech General Trading​

Experience unparalleled integration expertise with MAS Tech General Trading, a distinguished entity within MCG. We excel in Managed Services encompassing NOC, SOC, SD-WAN, and Work-space solutions. Elevate customer interactions through cutting-edge Customer Experience solutions. Seamlessly manage data with our Data Center & Edge IT solutions. Embrace holistic security with Information Security solutions, including Protection, Identity, Management, Orchestration, and Monitoring. Stay ahead with Mobility solutions tailored for today’s dynamic world.

MAST Advisory Services

Discover strategic guidance at its finest with MAST Advisory Services, a pivotal division within MCG. Our core focus lies in Management Advisory, encompassing Market Research, Feedback Analysis, Feasibility Studies, and CXO Connect. Unveil actionable insights through meticulous market research. Transform customer feedback into powerful strategies. Gauge project feasibility with precision. Forge valuable connections through our CXO Connect platform.

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