Outlook 2022: “The Best Promise of 2022 is Clarity”

That said, technology’s impact has been profound, in leveling the ESG playing field. Increased dynamism in the ESG space means that associated technologies will, under the influence of market forces, become more affordable and accessible for organisations. Currently, fit-for-purpose communication platforms are inducing transparency and accountability in ESG compliance – safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders. At MAST Consulting, we are actively exploring the applications of AI and automation in the ESG space. From target tracking, to aberration flagging, to timely alerts; automation can save both time and money, while eliminating human-related errors, and ensuring utmost efficiency. This is why advisors with robust technological backing can be truly invaluable, in a domain as dynamic as ESG and sustainability.

The strengths of tech adoption go beyond just ESG and sustainability compliance; it will unearth performance gaps across the value chain, in critical domains like logistics and vendor management. Organisations empowered by technology can take proactive actions, mitigate risks, and improve financial performance. That aside, in a broad sense, ESG tech and tech-based advisors are helping create an ecosystem of companies, whose combined actions will address some of our world’s most pressing challenges. Cumulatively, such actions could lead to macro positive outcomes, with lasting and transformative global impact.

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Date : March 09, 2022

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